Founder and Host: Jomo K. Johnson


Son to Barbara Dumas

Convicted Felon

Saved By Grace

B.A. Biblical Studies - Beacon University

M.Div - Westminster Theological Seminary

Founder -

a. Philly Open Air Church 

b. Church For Those Helpless

c. Black Lives Savannah


d. Church For Black Men

e. SMS Novel 


A Holy Hypocrite  Whom Jesus Loves



"I once read that when Chinese minister Watchmen Nee died after spending decades in a communist prison for his faith in Christ, that he left a note. The note said, "Jesus Christ in the Son of God who died for the sins of the world. This is the greatest truth in the universe." 

The fact that this brilliant man, would spend decades in a damp cell for a man that he has never seen, shows either one of two things: that Watchman Nee was crazy as shit, or that Christ is the utter and absolute truth that envelops all things. I choose to believe the latter.

Therefore I am utterly convinced that person and work of Christ is the source, substance, and teleos for the proper understanding of all things, including Black suffering. Apart from the cross, Black suffering makes no sense."

- Jomo K. Johnson

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