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#PrayForMeekMill #FreeMeekMill

In 2012, I was pastoring a small church in North Philadelphia when I heard Meek Mill's song Amen. Even though I was a huge rap fan, I felt like the song was disrespectful to Christians. When I was asked to share my thoughts on the radio I had no idea that the host had gotten Meek Mill on the line. What ensued was a heated debate that became viral.

For the last 2 years I've worked with Black Lives Matter Savannah and recently to speak out against harsh and illegal treatment in Chatham County Jail. I know that it is hard for inmates during the holidays and I wanted to send a message to Meek Mill.


I believe your sentence was harsh and unfair and I am praying for him. It is my hope that you can get out soon and continuing chasing you dreams. I also ask for apologies because it was never my intention for the interview to go the way it did. As a fellow Black brother, I'm in your corner and want God's best for you. Amen.

Jomo Kenyatta

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