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I Was Assaulted on the Mission Field...Please Read.

As many of you know, I started out to travel the country in 2018 to help Black Christians start house churches. The first trainee was a 34 year old gentlemen named Marv. Marv was a former military officer, a current Shaw Seminary Student and a professing Christian. I had met him through his Washington Meetup ground and soon discovered that he hosted a large group of Single Black Christian Singles. After talking to him, it seem that we both had a passion for the Black community and Theology. I agreed to train him how to start a house church and I would help him with his community non-profit. Since he had a large home in DC, the plan was for me to stay at his place until the house church launched. (We had this in writing.)

During that time, I noticed strange things like his theology (kingdom now or dominionism) which is a known heresy. Also, he was aggressive and did not practice integrity with his non profit, asking people to open bank accounts in their name.

But the most evident thing was extreme narcissism and running his non profit almost like a cult, saying its the only one doing the work of God and that his voice was the ultimate authority.

I agreed to cease working with him and move out the first week of March. Marv's behavior became stranger. He began to ask people what I told about him, call impromptu house meetings and inquire on my thoughts about him, and begin to curse me out using the Bible. I could see that his heart was extremely dark and I sensed he was being oppressed by the devil. Once he began to curse me the second day, I told him, that I was going to my room. He followed me up and began to shout out my door for me to give him the key. After trying to reason him down, I decided the best way was to call the police. Once the police came, he left, only to come back later.


At 11pm, Marv broke into my room. He had cut the power off and turned the internet off thinking that I could not call the police. He demanded the key and attempted to force me out the house. When I called the cops, he tackled me, put me in a headlock. I attempted to get out the room, but he blocked me. When I made it out and attempted to run downstairs, he pushed me down one flight and I twisted my ankle.

I tried to get out the house, but he would not let me until he called the police from his phone. He grabbed my phone and took it from me. He called the cops and said that I had broke in and assaulted him. When the cops came, he ran downstairs and through my phone in the toilet so that the police could not see records of our agreement.

It was evident that he had broken in the room and that I had wounds, so he was charged with battery/assault. Because he would not disclose where my phone was, he was also charged with robbery. He was attempting to the lie the whole time to get out being arrested. It was then I could see truly for the first time, that Marv had an ulterior motive of using me, my contacts, and my influence to direct people towards his non-profit.

I'm sore, and walking with a limp, wrist is bruised and hands are cut, but I am okay. As of now, my phone does not work, but attempting to dry it out and see if it works tomorrow.

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