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Mission Accomplished...But Now The Next Step...

It was just me and Bruke sitting in the confines of a 8 by 16 studio apartments. I had met the dear good brother through one of the online groups I had started. He was a 22-year old guy, pre-med student at Howard whose family, although was Ethiopia, he grew up in Canada. He became a Christian at 18 after realizing he needed to get serious about his relationship with God. I could tell that he was anxious as to whether people would actually come. We had just eaten a pizza in anticipation for anyone who might come. But while we waited, he asked Biblical questions with a zeal that reminded me of my young self.

This was our first house church meeting. After spending 8 weeks of toil and being made to feel like, "Why God" our heavenly Father has proven himself faithful in the fact that he has made possible the goal of creating a regular meeting of a Black few men on a regular bases in Washington DC.

We had passed out invitation cards to the entirety of the 400 rooms in the apartment. I even decided to spend the night at a homeless shelter to invite men to the house church. We had even had a female college student pass out cards at the entrance of the apartment complex. We hoped that maybe one would come but prepared if we got three. We got the ladder. Because besides the one guy who had texted but didn't confirm, the three that were there were the Blessed, The Father, Son, and Spirit.

I'm thankful and trustful to God that he will use this House Church Meeting as he chooses. It is our goal to provide friends and neighbors in the area to feel welcome to the gospel through the lens of Christ. We are still praying for a co-host that can help Bruke and also help in their own homes as well.


Please keep me in prayer as I plan on going to another city in the next month. I would like to take a mission trip to Sacramento. The other choices are west cost, Nashville, or Savannah again. If you all know of any potential serving opportunities let me know. Or if you just want to say hello and support let me know as well. Thank you again.


A Special thank you goes to the Matt and Lizz Porter Family. They supported me when I did not have a place to go. They treated me so well and I am so thankful for their support the last 6 weeks. They are a good and godly married couple with to kids Gracie and Beniniah. They made me feel like family everyday. Pray for them and encourage them as they have encouraged me.

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