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Depression In The Midst of Victory...

(6/4/18 Monday House Church Meeting)

The Lord is good and his mercy endureth forever. There is none like unto him, a God that is both blessed and beautiful. And a God that redeemeth sufferings that they might produce everlasting pleasure. May he be praised now and forevermore.

Greetings All,

I have started a regular Monday and Tuesday meeting at Shaw Library. During my time of staying in the Homeless Shelter for 3 weeks (Still there) I was able to build relationships with men and also received the suggestion to reserve rooms in the library to meet. I followed this suggestions and committed to a regular Monday and Tuesday Meeting times. The first meeting was very good with about 15 men and Tuesday we had 7, with 6 men returning.

The first Monday I shared a message from Revelation 1:6 how God calls us to be Kings. I believe that this message is important for Black men because often times we are seen as second class citizens. But I sought to communicate that in Christ, we are called to be Kings. I also communicated how God redeems our sufferings for his glory and purpose to prepare us to be the kings that he desires us to be.

On Tuesday, I shared from Philippians 2:6-11 which discusses the humiliation of Christ. I show how if we are going to walk in the promise of God that we must first allow his humiliation in our lives. I communicated that the greatest humiliation that we must embrace is that it is Jesus who is Lord, and not we ourselves. This was very challenging to the men, as many of them are not Christians, and adhere to a Pan-African type theology objected to the Lordship of Christ. Yet, we were able to end the meeting cordially, and always conclude with a meal.

It is my hope to continue these meetings, get strong Black Christian men trained and involved, so that they can shepherd these small flocks while also reduplicating the model.


I thought that I received good news from a church when they offered me housing and a non-profit director position. (I had been attending a small AME Church during my time in Gaithersburg and had shared with them my need of housing.) This seemed to be a blessing. Yet as of now, I have not heard back as to when or if this is going to happen for sure.

This has been challenging because staying in the emergency shelter is taking both a physical and emotional toll. I know that there has been good that has come out of it and I am thankful, but today, as I got ready to go back to the shelter I felt a deep sense of anxiety and dread.

Despite the success of the last week, I honestly and wrestling with giving up. I am struggling with the constant uncertainty of ministry, support, and I battle with being alone. Yet, despite this, I have seen God meet my needs. I wish that I was stronger but yet it seems as if my strength is tested more and more almost beyond what I can bare. I do pray for a season or rest and stability and hope that God word will be my power and help during this time.

I read 1st Kings today in which David, after having his city sacked and plundered and that his own men were discussing stoning him. Yet despite this, the passage says that he "strengthened himself in the Lord." I looked up the phrase in the original language and saw that it meant that he "held onto the Lord." I assume that David recalled both the character of God and the promises of God that he would reign over Israel. This passage gave me comfort and hope that God will see me through this deep season of depression.

Please pray for me and this work.


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