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My Cup Runneth Over: Grace For The Next Year of Church For Black Men

This weekend, I had the privilege of being able to go to the annual Luke 10 Christian ministry conference in Austin Texas. While I had taken Luke 10 Ministry courses and had spoken with John White on a semi-regular basis, I truly did not know what to expect. But I knew that simply being among Christian Believers who knew how to listen to the voice of Jesus would be powerful.


I have to confess, the last few month for me has been one of confusion and even perplexion. Apart from the work of ministry, I've battled extreme insomnia. The weekly meetings that I had established with a Black Community in DC had been reduced to monthly because of lack of funds and lack of consistent setting to meet at as the Library we were meeting at was being extremely strict about building usage. I usually had about 3-5 people contact me per month to learn more about how they could partner. But in the last two months, that had dwindled down to less than 2. And as my financial support began to become low, I had to consider the option of leaving DC and possibly return to full-time or part-time ministry to simply pay the bills.


I entered the conference with the hope of simply being able to fellowship with Christian believers. But my expectations were exceeded as our fellowship was not centered around simply being together, but worshiping and listening to Jesus together. It was through the experience of the Immanuel Church, focused time of praying for one-another, and workshops that were focused on the heart, the gospel, and listening, that my heart began to melt in the love of God...again.

After attending Amy Brown's workshop which spoke on relational skills, how our brains work, and how we can journey together with God in the stress and challenges of life, I went back to my room that night and prayed. I sensed the Lord speaking to me to surrender certain areas of my life in which the pain was most prevalent. After doing this, I sensed the presence of the Lord in a very special way.

Yet it was on the last day that God surprised me most. John White, one of the leaders of Luke 10, had been following my struggles in ministry the last year and had offered both encouragement and practical wisdom. But on this day, he offered me the opportunity to walk alongside the Luke 10 family to learn, grow, and be supported by the ministry. I was given the chance to take the Design Discovery class designed by Tim Morris. This class is designed to help people understand the unique way God had designed them for service and purpose. After meeting Tim at the conference, I am convinced that this will help me better be able to understand God's purpose and design for how he desires to use me in ministry.

But this was not all. After being prayed for by the group and even having a public confession of sin of racism on behalf of the church, we rejoiced in the grace of God together knowing that he was in the midst. And when Luke 10 committed to financially contribute 1000$ a month to my living expenses, I was overwhelmed with joy knowing that my natural needs were being met by a supernatural God. Working with both Luke 10 and DC For Jesus, it is my goal to find stable housing in DC and help to establish one vibrant house church of Black men for Jesus. I now not only have the faith to do this, but the spiritual and family support of brothers and sisters to be able to do this work as well.


I thank God for Luke 10 ministries, their staff, and supporters, and those who attended the conference for listening to Jesus and being such wonderful examples of ministry leaders. I want to thank Jorge Pina, Ashley Sill and the other leaders of DC for Jesus for allowing me be part of their team. Little does she know, but Ashley has been a regular pastor of me for the last 4 months since taking the Leader 101 classes. I also want to thank Matthew and Liz Porter for housing me for most of this year. I thank my brother Kevin Silva, who I met in a DC hostel after being assaulted. He has helped me cover financial costs, sent me care bags, and just been a great friend. I thank Ryan Purvis who has loved me and helped me since we met doing social justice work. And to anyone else who has either prayed or helped in any way...I am so grateful. May we continue the work...together.


I would like to invite you all to be part of a team that is committed to praying for this house church ministry to Black Families in DC. I plan on sending out a newsletter every 2 weeks, and would like to do a once a month prayer video call and update. I would love for everyone who receives this to be part of that. Also, if you know anyone who you believe would be interested in partnering to do Church 101 together for the purpose of launching a vibrant house church for Black families, please feel free to refer them.

Thank you all again.

Jomo K. Johnson

(912) 268-1890


Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

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