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Weekly House Church Update

We praise God for his goodness to us through Jesus Christ. Every blessing we receive was purchased with the most precious blood of Jesus. And for that we are eternally grateful. Please take a moment to read our weekly newsletter for Church For Black Men.

Hosts - Jomo Johnson

1. Who attended:

Jomo, Kenny, and Maurice

2. Were there any first-time visitors? How did they learn about the house church? Kenny and Maurice - Outreach

3. Were there any special appreciation stories? Kenny expressed gratitude for another day and also gratitude for being part of the group. Maurice the same.

4. Prayer requests for individuals or the group? Several needs were expressed. Maurice is wanting to get his CDL license and begin travelling. He hasn't seen family in a while. Kenny, that he can walk with God and that life would be better. For Jomo, that I would learn to be content in my singleness and not get into ungodly relationships out of loneliness. Pray for Jomo as he is preaching at Peace Fellowship Church this Sunday as well. (First time preaching in 2 years.)


Tuesday the 30th, at 4pm, Shaw Library. NW DC


Last weekend, I did two interviews with Black Christians about their experience as Black men in the church. Feel free to listen below.

Interview with Akin Walker.


Interview with Joseph NJoku Obi Jr.



For decades, the Black Barbershop has always been a place of honest discussion, dialogue, and debate on the most important and social topics. Starting in December, God in the Shop will seek to bring spiritual check-in, listening to Jesus, and open discussion to Black Barbershops in DC. Starting in December. Stay Tuned!

WEEKLY DEVOTION: Waking Up With a Gift

"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.” Lamentation 3:22-24

As a child I greatly anticipated Christmas morning. I usually could not sleep in expectation of receiving all the new gifts I was promised. Even after Christmas day had past, I would wake up the following mornings with great happiness. I would arise from my bed and say to myself, “Hey! I've got a new toy!” I then would start my day with the knowledge that I had something new.

Now as a grown man, I experience an even greater joy every morning. No longer is it the pleasure from material gifts, but I arise with the knowledge that I have received the greatest gift of all: the love of God. This surpasses everything I have ever possessed. The love of Jesus is a gift that keeps on giving.

With this love I have the gift of forgiveness of sins, the amazing peace of God, the knowledge that he utterly and unconditionally loves me, the Spirit who dwells inside my heart, and the greatest being eternal life with Him. This wonderful present that God has given me does not get old or become outdated. It can not be stolen or lost. It also is not dependent on my current circumstance or situation. Because this gift was given by God, it is forever preserved in Heaven and forever preserved in my heart.

It seemed that after a few weeks of having my Christmas gifts that the allure of them would slowly diminish. It is not so with the love and mercy of God; for they are new every morning.

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