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Sabbath Rest - A Dollar and A Dream...(One Year Later.)

Today is almost one year to the date that I left Savannah, Ga and came to DC with a few dollars and a dream of helping Black men know Christ through the home church setting. Last Sunday, after one full year...we hosted our first Sunday Am House Church. (See picture above.)

During the first year...

Nothing worked out like I thought.

I was assaulted and robbed the first month.

I had no home or job to host.

I had a mini-stroke the 2nd month and collapsed in the metro.

I came down with Shingles during month 3.

Depression hit month 4.

Homelessness came in month 5.

Near despair came in month 6.

Plans of giving up came in month 7.

But God -

Help from friends, brothers, and partners came in month 2.

Encouragement from DC For Jesus came in month 3.

New ideas came in month 4.

A new ambition came in month 5.

My spirit was uplifted in month 6.

God derailed my plans in month 7.

Renewed faith came in month 8.

Luke 10 provided financial support in month 9.

A wonderful home came in month 10.

But God -

Came and was there all along.

He is faithful. His word is true. He is worthy.

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